What Makes Us Different?

  There are several things that differentiate us from other companies who collect, measure, and evaluate

  your customer feedbacks:


  1-  Our platform measures and evaluates all the touch-points between you

        and your customer;

  2-  We will develop a process for Metrics & Measurement of your  customer

        experience program;

  3-  We show you the benefits of our surveys, in $ terms, before we start the work. 

        And this is not just to justify the cost of the project, but to make sure all key

        members are clear on how the survey can benefit their department;

  4-  We have procedures in place to insure high response rates.  For example, during

         a global customer satisfaction survey, we had more than 40 percent response

        rate for our on line survey versus their previous 8 percent response rate;

  5-  We have procedures and methods in place to consolidate surveys and your social

        media presence.  You can use the consolidated  information as your Customer

        Feedback System, or each section as a stand alone survey instrument for a department;

  6-  We show you the benefits of our recommendations, in $ terms, before your



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