On a continuous basis, we work with MAHAK for our customer
 feedbacks.  They have done an excellent job of finding out what
 we need to know about our customers.  I highly recommend them.


 MAHAK Inc. implemented their customer feedback system for us. 

 The survey covered branding, buying behavior, measures of satisfaction,

 business needs, likelihood of purchasing new products/services,

 future deployment plans, and customer profile.

 They delivered a comprehensive questionnaire, instructions on

 administering the survey and follow up procedures, data analysis

 and actionable recommendations.  We are quite satisfied with their work.

 VP Marketing

 MAHAK provided a systematic approach to our survey, and their team

 members worked well with our staff.  The response rate for our global

 customer satisfaction survey far exceeded what we originally had

 projected for this project.

 VP Marketing

 To carry out our comprehensive customer survey, MAHAK

 implemented their customer feedback system.  they designed

 our questionnaire, provided instructions on conduct of the

 survey & follow up procedures, analysis of data, and actionable

 recommendations.  The work was data intensive, and MAHAK

 did an excellent job of completing our requirements.

 Director of Sales