Michael Kayhan, Steven Mayo, Shervin Farhadi,

Mark DeWitt

Michael Kayhan:  He is the architect of our customer experience program and graduate of Stanford University.

He has taught part time for more than 17 years at school of business, local universities, and is a registered

investment advisor.

He has directed or participated in our customer feedback and analysis projects for the Telephone Company,

Intel Corp., Santa Clara Transportation, AXT Inc., SteelEye, Juniper Networks, largest U.S. specialty retailer,

and chain of restaurants in the U.S.  

In addition, he has supervised university sponsored studies including customer survey projects for Cisco,

HP, Juniper Networks, Washington Mutual, Boston Scientific, and Kaiser Permanente.  Tasks included

working with marketing, product management, sales, public relation, and IT groups to identify/confirm target

audience, review and collect data from in-house as well as outside sources, run focus groups and design

questionnaires, cleaning, organizing and setting up large databases, quantitative and qualitative evaluation of

the recommendations before full implementation, and comprehensive reporting to managers as well as  

executives.  In addition, he has reviewed analysts' reports and communicated with them for financial and

investment research studies.


Steven Mayo:  Steven has over 20 years of experience designing business systems, computer programming ,

supervising and project management.  His experience includes a variety of computer programming languages

such as SAS, Excel, Cobol, CICS, SQL, Java and Java Scripts.  He is also an expert in many database languages

such as Sybase, IBM DB2, and SQL.  He has directed and participated in consulting assignments for Kaiser

Permanente, Charles Schwab, Bank of America, Parker Hannifan Manufacturing, Star Manufacturing and

Wells Fargo Bank.  He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Central State



Shervin Farhadi:  Shervin has a long career in high technology sector, and has held senior management roles at
companies like Cisco  Systems, IBM & DEC.  He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering, 
and Masterís degree in Operations Research from Northeastern University.

Through his career he has managed highly complicated projected in data sourcing and analysis, supervising 

computer programmers and serving as a liaison between client and team members.  He has collected survey data and

interview  responses via different processes.  He has performed quantitative data analysis including a variety of

descriptive and inferential statistics such as frequency distributions, descriptive tables, probability analysis, test of 
hypothesis, ANOVA,  correlation and regression analysis.  He has presented his studies at various symposiums and
leadership conferences such as ASI, Productivity and Taguchi.


Mark DeWitt:  Mark  is responsible for phone surveys, data entry and initial computer programming for our

projects.  His primary work is supervising phone survey operation, converting and entering responses from surveys

into the appropriate computer programs, and generating tables, graphs and computer reports.  His technical

knowledge includes Excel, Microsoft Office, and statistical software packages.  He has worked with a variety of

telephone data collection systems such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Previously, he worked for California State Automobile Association, and was involved with their ongoing customer

satisfaction surveys.