survey instrument (questionnaire)

We sit down with you and design the survey instrument, your questionnaire, to match your needs. 

Our unique design process allows us to allocate each section of the questionnaire to one of your

specific needs.  For example, one block of the questionnaire is representing your value proposition

and general industry trend, another block includes satisfaction topics, and  other sections cover

attribute scales for your services/products, importance ratings of available features, customer

reported current and future plans, new product/service offerings, customer profile, and

open-ended comments respectively.
This systematic block design allows us to analyze each section separately and assign scores to your

important issues.  We will determine whether your clients are seeing you the way you want them to

see you, develop measures of customer satisfaction and loyalty, issues causing customer attrition

and identify at risk customers, determine why they purchased and what are their criteria to buy,

assess future service/product opportunities, and update their profiles or business practices.    

We use quantitative scales to convert responses to numbers.  This enables us to avoid "guesswork"
in evaluating your customer's responses.  We also rely on some open-ended comments for
qualitative evaluations.