Customer Experience Program

Your Customer Experience Program starts with your survey invitation.

It depends on the type of program you are running. This is either

continuous customer experience program (i.e. receipt-based) or

snap-shot program (i.e. periodic surveys). We will work with you

and decide:

  • How to select customers to participate
  • How to invite them to participate
  • What content to use for invitation  



                                            Customer Survey Menu

A great survey starts with selecting the one which serves your purpose. 

Our team works with your marketing, product management, sales and

Store people to guide them through our survey menu.  You have the

flexibility of selecting a variety of surveys.  We will also work with you

to finalize the topics and issues that are relevant to your survey.


  • Survey Purpose & Design
  • Topics and Issues



                                Survey Instrument (Questionnaire)
Designing a systematic questionnaire is the foundation of a great survey. 
In cooperation with your people, we use our proprietary
customer choice process to design your block questionnaire.


  • Confirm Target Audience (consumer, BtoB)
  • Ranking Procedures (1st tier customer, 2nd tier, etc.)
  • Sample Design
  • Block Design Questionnaire
  • Reporting content & frequency
                                  Administering the Survey: Platform
Depending on your objectives, budget and time constraints, we will select
the most appropriate platform for you. This is the software that will distribute
the survey, collects responses, and allows us to analyze and generate
tailored reports. In addition to our own platform, we have access to vendors
who provide this tool.   

  • Receipt-based Surveys
  • Online/email Surveys
  • QR codes
  • Social media integration, comment cards
  • Employee survey/engagement


                                    Program Evaluation,Analysis & Reporting
Our block designed questionnaire allows us to analyze each section

separately, assign scores to each topic, rank your important

issues, and provide actionable recommendations.  As a stand alone

service, we can also analyze your existing database. Some of the

most commonly requested reports are:


  • Graphs, charts, tables, summary and  

      analysis of all comments
  • Ranking of all topics & recommendations
  • Estimated ROI before full implementation
  • Trends and total satisfaction over time
  • Return & Recommend ratios & Why
  • At-risk customers, their impact on REVENUE