Data Analysis


An effective Customer Experience program must benefit the bottom line.  Upon analysis of your

online community, social media presence, and customer surveys we will provide a ranking of all

important topics and recommendations. 
To make sure the recommendations are effective, we will work with you to carry out a pilot

implementation of the results before full implementation.  Upon completion of the pilot work, we

will estimate your ROI (return on investment).
Some of our clients need data analysis support and some refinements with their survey instruments. 

They have already collected data through primary or secondary sources, and need to analyze it. 

We will work with you to improve your questionnaire and data collection procedures, and will analyze

your collected data.  Our data analysis approach includes a variety of techniques such as frequency

distribution, charts and graphs, cross tabulation tables, descriptive analysis, as well as more advanced

statistical techniques such as probability analysis, test of hypothesis, ANOVA and correlation and

regression analysis.  Upon completion of our analysis, we will provide reports including actionable

recommendations and will work with you to determine your ROI before implementations.