U.S. and Global                              

                                                                                        Customer Survey Process


  During the first step, you will select the appropriate survey(s) from our survey menu.  We will provide you with 

  guidelines and examples to make sure the survey fits your purpose and review our customer choice process with

  you. We will also share with you examples of previous projects, how long does it take to finish it, and what the final

  results would look like.  Upon finalizing the survey, in cooperation with your marketing, product management,

  sales and PR staff, you will prepare a preliminary list of topics for the questionnaire.  we will sit down with you and

  refine the topics and issues that need to be included in the  questionnaire and will design your block questionnaire. 

  Next, you will provide us with a list of your target audience (e.g., customers, prospects, lost customers, employees).

  We will review the list, provide a ranking of customers (e.g., first tier, second tier,...).  The ranking procedure allows

  us to focus on your most important customers.  We have used a variety of techniques such as pareto charts and root

  cause analysis to identify and rank target audience. 

  To make sure all the important topics are selected for your survey, we may run a focus group among a few selected

  customers.  The purpose of our focus group is to make sure all the important topics are included in the survey, and

  to determine the wording and phrases that are easily understood by your target audience.

  Upon finalizing the topics, we will use our customer choice process to develop your block designed questionnaire. 

  The draft questionnaire will be tested for wording, phrases and response rate.

  Upon approval of the final questionnaire, we will administer your U.S. and global survey.  Depending on the type of

  survey, your objectives and budget, we could conduct online survey, mail survey, telephone survey, or personal 

  interviews.  In general, online surveys are least expensive, but have lower response rates than other methods.

  Personal interviews are most expensive and have higher response rates.  We have developed specific follow up and

  invitation procedures to insure high response rates.  For example, in a recent U.S. and global customer satisfaction

  survey, we achieved over 50 percent response rate.

  We will code the returned responses, analyze the data and open ended questions.  We will assign scores to all topics,

  and will provide a ranking (from highest to lowest) of all important issues and recommendations.  The

  recommendations are intended to identify issues causing customer attrition, identify at risk customers, develop

  measures of satisfaction and loyalty, determine why they purchased and what are their criteria for purchasing your

  products and services, their business practice (for business customers), measure likelihood of purchasing new

  products, and their profile.  The benefits of our report goes beyond our recommendations.  We will implement

  our customer feedback system which, with minor adjustments, could be used for internal surveys, lost customer

  surveys, lost prospect surveys, or a specific  segment (geographic, demographic or by product line) of your market.

  We will help you run these surveys periodically, to obtain data and comments and to generate reports. 

  We can also work with you to implement our recommendations on a pilot basis before full implementations, and to

  estimate your ROI (return on investment).