If you’re like many organizations in the US, your marketing, sales, product management, customer service

and public relations group face many of the following dilemmas:


  • Develop /Refine your Customer Experience Program.
  • Align customer feedback with your strategies to gain competitive advantage.
  • Develop traditional Customer Surveys as well as your online community

     and social media presence.

  • Identify / update customer profile and target audience using data collection.
  • Understand how your channel partners view their relationship with you, and provide them
     with tools to increase their sales.                                                                
  • Understand how your end users view their relationship with your channel partners, and
     to ensure that their overall experience meets your objectives.                                                                            
  • Identify / update opportunities to increase sales and profit.
  • Determine customers’ needs, wants and behavior to improve existing products.
  • Plan new introductions and its impact on forecasted sales and profits.
  • Evaluate existing products and pricing structures, and compare to industry data.
  • Collect customer feedback for content development.
  • Develop comprehensive marketing campaigns to improve sales, using available channels.
  • Conduct a before/after statistical analysis to evaluate the new programs


  • Develop your Metrics & Measurement process to measure members and prospects

     feedbacks and activities, and to quantify the ROI of your Surveys, Social Media Presence,

     and Online Communities.


  For this difficult and challenging environment, we have developed a comprehensive customer

  feedback & analysis process to answer many of your dilemmas, to measure your ROI, and to

  develop and refine your strategies.