Examples of Our Work:

Largest Specialty Retailer in US: 

For our retail client we have developed their continuous, receipt based customer

experience program. In cooperation with the management team, we designed

the survey, invitation & privacy policy, selected the appropriate platform, and

reporting formats. Since introduction, we have incorporated the Spanish version

and their 2 newly acquired companies into our system, without any interruption

to ongoing program.The reports are available to management, district managers,

and stores.  

Chain of Restaurants:

We developed the guest experience program for our client. Our design includes

questionnaire, invitation and privacy policy, flexibility to change/refine topics and 

questions in an ongoing program, generating tailored reports, trends overtime,

alert reports, at-risk guests, frequency and type of visit, and potential for new

menu offerings. Reports are generated for the management, and selected



 Publicly Traded Semiconductor Company:

 Previously during their annual global customer satisfaction surveys, our client

 had a very low participation rate, and therefore no actionable recommendations

 were found.  In cooperation with their marketing, sales and IT departments, we

 identified all the important topics, developed a block designed questionnaire,

 developed email invitations and follow up procedures, reviewed their 

 global customer list, identified first and second tier customers, and carried out

 their on line global customer satisfaction survey.  We had more than 50 percent

 response rate.  We analyzed the return responses, identified measures of loyalty

 and satisfaction, highly ranked issues from the view point of customers, at risk

 customers, and recommendations on how to take corrective actions.

 Leading Provider of Business Continuity Solutions:

 Marketing, product management and PR departments were concerned

 about different issues.  The customer survey focused on how they are

 perceived as a vendor, why customer purchased their products and

 who were the competitors, what are the "hot buttons" and what are their

 current and future deployment plans, how likely they are to purchase

 upcoming products and services, customer satisfaction issues, and

 customer profile.  In cooperation with all three departments, we applied

 our customer choice process and developed a comprehensive block

 designed questionnaire.  We reviewed their customer list, developed

 email invitations and follow up procedures, and in cooperation with their

 marketing department carried out an in-house on line survey.  Upon

 analysis of the returned questionnaires, we identified the highest

 and lowest ranking satisfaction issues, highest ranking

 "hot buttons" (for their bi-annual PR campaigns), customers'

 current and future business plans, applications and infrastructures,

 measured the likelihood of future purchases of new product and

 service offerings, and a comprehensive customer profile.

 Public Transportation Company:

 Our client was concerned about low ridership and loss of revenue.  They

 wanted to better understand their customers' needs.  In cooperation with

 their marketing and public relations we identified their target audience,

 ran a focus group of a few customers to confirm the important issues

 from their point of view, developed a block designed questionnaires using

 our customer choice process, designed cover letter and follow up

 procedures, and carried a self administered mail survey.  We analyzed

 the responses, ranked the issues and identified several important customer


 Telecommunication Company:

 Marketing and IT departments had already collected their information, and

 had organized their customer database.  They wanted to analyze their

 customers' profile in order to clone their best customers.  We reviewed their

 in-house database, carried out some basic as well as advanced

 statistical analysis techniques, developed a segmentation model and prepared

 a final report with recommendations on how to promote to prospects.