Customer Experience Platform

A great customer feedback process needs to answer one or more of the following concerns.  At MAHAK we have

developed a systematic process (questionnaire, collecting feedbacks, analysis and actionable recommendations) to

evaluate all the touchpoints between customer and your departments.  This includes purchasing experience,

customer service & technical support, marketing, product management, sales and PR departments.  Each of these

surveys can be implemented as a stand alone or a combination.  And both continuous (e.g., sales receipts invitations, 

or transactional survey) as well as periodic feedbacks (e.g., annual surveys) are available. We have allocated space at

our research site for each client.  Clients can login to our secure site, and view their tailored reports as on needed

basis.  The most commonly used selections are:


  • Opinions about your company and industry: Your

      value proposition and general industry trend;          


  • Customer satisfaction: Measure of satisfaction,

      loyalty and your at-risk customers, all touchpoints

      between customer and the company;


  • Understanding the reasons why they bought:  What

      are your most important brand/service attributes?


  • Purchasing experience:  ratings of important criteria

      during purchase process (transactional or snapshot),

      and level of satisfaction;


  • First Call resolution: ratings of important criteria for

      service and support calls, levels of satisfaction;


  • Identifying their “hot buttons”:  To design effective

      PR and advertising campaigns;


  • New service/product offering:  To measure the

      likelihood of purchasing new offerings;


  • Your customer profile: to identify customer profile,
      to clone best customers, and to be aware of their
      current and future deployment plans;

  • Employee surveys:  To learn why employees join 

      or leave the company, how satisfied they are, and

      to improve their engagement and productivity;

  • Your online community & social media presence:  Is it

      designed to support and solve customer problems,

      engage them, has a metric and measurement process in

      place to listen to customer and take actions, and how

      well it fits with your customer feedback process.