Our Philosophy

 Most companies would like to hear their customer feedback on a continuous basis or at least once a year
 (snap-shot surveys). They use this valuable information to develop or refine their Functional strategies,
 Business strategy, Corporate strategy, and Global strategy.The bottom line is to increase their revenue.
 For example, collected information can be used to establish principal objectives for their functional areas.
 Many of the hiring and resource allocation decisions are based on customer feedback scores and opinions.
 On many occasions, corporate-wide bonus is tied to their customer feedback results.

 Several years ago, as we were working and conducting consulting assignments, we began to notice a series  

 of common problems, as companies were trying to develop their customer experience programs.  This included  

 poorly designed questionnaires, low response rate (lack of participation from customers), selecting the wrong

 platform for design, distribution and reporting, lack of proper analysis and  identifying at-risk customers, and no

 actionable recommendations.

 Gradually, we have developed a systematic process of designing customer experience programs. Our systematic

 approach resolves all of your problems. For example, Using our survey  menu we provide a focused approach to

 your survey, and develop a comprehensive questionnaire to satisfy your objectives. We have process in place

 to select the appropriate platform for you, to ensure high response rate, to show you the dollar value of the system,

 to identify your at-risk customers, and to generate actionable reports at all corporate levels.

 For example, for a client we have developed their continuous customer experience  program. We designed their

 survey, selected the most cost effective platform for distribution and reporting, developed weekly reports to identify

 at-risk customers and to alert management, and developed appropriate monthly and quarterly reports to keep

 track of response rates, as well as customer's ratings and trends at the store, district and the company level.

 Management can easily follow-up on the actionable results generated from  these reports.

 For a client with US and Global customers, we are carrying out  their customer satisfaction surveys. We have

 improved the response rate from less than 10 percent to more than 50  percent.

 We work with you and tailor our methodology to your specific needs. We will  develop your Voice of Customer

 System, which will increase your revenue.